It’s not just contact lenses.
This is the next generation of computing

Invisible and weightless smart contact lens that is as natural to the wearer as their own vision

Best device is no device

Invisible, weightless and private.

As natural and convenient as your own eyes.

One infinite screen

that merges all gadgets into one.

The only gadget

with an unlimited field of view.

Your new superpowers


night vision and zoom.

Ultimate access

to all the apps and data seamlessly blended into an infinite eXtended Reality experience.

Control and communicate

with ease through intuitive gaze commands.

Care for people and planet

Demands less plastic

and other unsustainable materials.

Significantly reduces screen time

and improves human interaction through restoring eye contact.

Full body and emotions control

via sensors and AI.

Imaging being completely free, yet fully in control

Live in the moment