It’s not just contacts.
It’s a vision.

Why the future is XC smart ‍contact lens?

Best device is no device

Invisible. Weightless.

Indistinguishable from a user, absolute privacy

One infinite screen

that connects all gadgets

The only gadget

with an unlimited angle of view



at night, twilights, and at long distance

Ultimate access

to all the apps and data seamlessly blended into the world around you

Empowers people

to communicate, control their environment through gaze interaction technology

Care for people and planet

Requires less plastic

and other unsustainable materials

Dramatically reduces screen time

and improves human interaction through restoring eye contact

Full body and emotions control

via sensors and AI

Imaging being completely free, yet fully in control

Today we are buried in our gadgets, constantly checking phones and smart watches during meetings, dates, family dinners, walks with children. The world and people around us become but a distraction from the digital universe that beckons. Let's face it: we all feel enslaved by our gadgets.

Instead, our smart contact lens enables clutter-free, natural communication and interaction with other people and the physical world, while remaining seamlessly connected to context-specific data and services.

Live in the moment

People today often make the mistake of trying to perfectly capture moments instead of living them. When the bride and groom are about to exchange their vows, when your firstborn makes her first steps, or when your sibling throws their graduation cap in the air, imagine being torn between being in the moment and preserving it for history.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we didn’t have to choose? Imagine you could see the big moment, be in it, and still be able to save and share it at the same time. This is our vision.