Founded in 2021, XPANCEO is developing the next generation of computing via an invisible and weightless smart contact lens.

Rethink limitations
Our lens reinvents the whole concept of human-technology interaction and redefines the way we experience both real and digital worlds. Merging all your gadgets into one, the lens transforms the everyday into an infinite eXtended Reality experience.
Ready to uplevel
The XPANCEO team brings together extraordinary visionaries, world-class scientists, engineers, and accomplished executive leaders to disrupt the conventional reign of silicon and propel humanity toward the next generation of computing.

At XPANCEO we dream big,
execute, and never settle.

We use these values every day, whether we're discussing product improvements, new ideas, or tackling problems.

Inherent Elegance

Elegance, poise, and a distinct sense of style are inherent in our DNA.

Goals and value

Focus on common goals and maximize value.

Pursuit of Excellence

Mediocrity is categorically dismissed; our only path is excellence.

Initiate, Ignite, Influence

We prioritize action over introspection, igniting progress while prompting reactions from others.

Embrace Challenges

We welcome challenges, fostering a culture that thrives on diverse perspectives.

Positive Impact

Upholding goodness is paramount; we care for both the planet and the people who inhabit it.


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